Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dec 31,2011

It is at time again. Time to make those New Year's resolutions! Yes i am that cheesy girl who makes them breaks them and tries again I love them I can get enough of them and I love hearing other people's as well. Goals are great even if you don't reach them all. To me resolutions and goals are the same thing. So here are mine for 2012:

1. Read the Bible. The whole Bible.( i have already started on this and am on day 5) I really hope to read it through more than once. Right now I am on the Chronological plan but tomorrow I plan to add the 90 day plan,

2. Make a schedule and keep to it. So simple but so hard for me. Growing up i never had one expect for school and now as a homeschooling mom it is hard for me to maintain one. So this is very important.

3. Loose weight! pretty sure that one is almost on everybody's list but oh well. I am going to start the 30 shred tomorrow and go from there. I will be posting before and after pictures but only once my afters start looking better than my before lol.

4. Become an EMT . I have been trying to peruse this for almost a year now and stuff keeps getting in the way. But i will not stop at this it will happen.

5. Get organized and stay that way. Still simple but still hard.

6. keeping up with the blog!

7. Become a Mary Kay Director! I LOVE MARY KAY!!

8.Have more date nights with the hubby! We need them so bad!

9.Get my teeth fixed. This is a very emotional topic for me.


So there you go! Let me know yours and let's encourage each other!

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